I have been a client of Monica’s for over 12 years. Her facials and reflexology treatments are amazing. She also does reiki during the facial which is a blissful and relaxing experience. I usually float out of her spa when she is finished pampering me. She is truly gifted. Everyone should try her face and eye serum that she custom blends. It’s so hydrating and addictive. Your skin will love it. Monica is a real healer and has helped me over the years with many things, most recently, diet and nutrition. Her mind is like a computer when it comes to fruit, vegetables, nuts and seeds. She offers an amazing 5 day nutritional detox cleanse, which is a completely balanced diet. It is delicious! Her smoothies, juices, nut milks and soups are unbelievable! I beg her at the end of the detox for more beverages to fill me up over the week-end. Monica has become a very good friend over the years and I don’t know what I would do without her support and guidance. – Cindy Dressler

Monica provides peace of mind, good karma, great facials and excellent juice fasts. I love her! – Susan York

A treatment with Monica is so much more than the brochure promises. Yes her facials are “hands down” the best I’ve ever had, but the sense of healing experienced in the process leads to the greatest level of repose. They are the best two hours you’ll spend at the end of a hard work week in NYC.  – Maria Drattell

Monica is a precious jewel. Her breadth of knowledge, her knowing hands, her compassionate heart, her sparkling spirit…I can only say that to experience her treatments is to experience beauty outside-inside! This kind of integrity is what the world of beauty is thirsting for, so heart salutations to you, dearest Monica. – Tabita Shalem

Without question, Monica’s healing powers are heaven-sent, and also come from her absolute love for, and selfless dedication to, her craft and her clients (whom she affectionately refers to as her “beloveds”). I simply call her Goddess. For if you are fortunate enough to experience any of her transformative treatments, you soon discover that her touch truly is sacred – and capable of amazing things. Monica heals not only the body but the mind and soul as well, and imparts to her clients a feeling of serenity and hope. She is, in my opinion, the true embodiment of the term “holistic.” – Christopher Collins

I have been going to Monica for the past four years for facials. Her treatments have not only healed and changed my acne prone skin, but spending time with her on a monthly basis has truly impacted my life in an extremely positive way. Monica is a profound healer. She lends her generous spirit to each client and we all leave with a piece of wisdom and serenity. The only thing better than seeing Monica is recommending her to a friend and hearing from them after their first appointment! Monica is a blessing to us all.  – Julie Miller

I was going through a hard time in my life and Monica’s reflexology treatment was recommended. At my first appointment I walked into her welcoming space and was immediately calmed. Monica made me feel at ease within the first few minutes. After our two hour session, I left feeling lighter and more hopeful. At my following appointments, Monica incorporated reiki, meditations and flower essence treatments based on my needs. She also gave me reading suggestions and meditations to do in between our visits so I could continue our work. Within a few sessions, my friends and family noticed a change; I was happier, more positive and more at peace. Monica is a miracle worker! – Julia Quigley Bender

Monica is a witch, a GOOD witch she casts a spell over you when you enter her sanctuary . An extraordinary therapist, healer in the midst of a busy bustling City. – Tracey Ullman