Catherine Atzen

Catherine Atzen®  – French Cosmeceuticals

Skin balancing concept/Biological line for all skin types

Make-Up Removal Lotion/Cleanser: A gentle, water-soluble lotion to clean and remove surface impurities and/or make-up. $59 • 3.4 oz.

Tonic Lotion: A refreshing alcohol-free toner rich in lime blossom and hydrating factors to soothe and soften the skin and tighten pores. $47 • 3.4 oz.

Biological Cleanser With Exfoliating Grains: A very gentle, light and creamy scrub, which effectively exfoliates the dead skin cells while soothing and nourishing your skin with natural plant extracts. $46 8.5 oz.

Biological Modeling Mask: A gentle clay-based mask which nourishes, clarifies and rehydrates your skin and tightens pores. It creates a visible “face-lift” effect for tired-looking skin. $46 8.5 oz.

Biological Day Cream: An all-day moisturizer formulated to restore the natural balance of your skin, reduce the visible signs of aging due to our polluted environment, and provide a smooth, satiny glow to your face. It is the ideal base for make-up. $61 8.5 oz.

Biological Night Cream: A powerful blend of the highest concentration of selected natural ingredients to bring intense nourishment and deep penetrating hydration to the skin all night long. $78 • 8.5 oz.

Biological Gel For Eye An Lip Area: Substantially diminishes the appearance of the tiny wrinkles and lines around the eye and lip areas, adding moisture & nutrients. $494.25 oz.

Biological Neck Cream: A very light cream to nourish the delicate skin tissues, and diminish the visible signs of aging on the neck and neckline. $56 • 8.5 oz.

Intensive Treatment: Biological extracts of integral DNA®. An effective, powerful 12 or 14 day regimen to restore the appearance of natural, young looking skin and an even skin tone. (6) 5ml • $99 / (12) 5ml • $170

Advanced Bio-Active Complex SPF6: The perfect balance of science and nature for your skin. This light, easy-to-use emulsion substantially diminishes the visible signs of premature aging and provides a refreshing glow and youthful resillience. $82 4.25 oz.

Ultra-Moisturizing Sun Block For Face SPF 15 & SPF 30 (UVA, UVB UVC And IR): This soothing, non-oily and opaque cream forms an invisible matte finish mask to protect from damage associated with exposure to sun, pollution, and stress.  SPF15 – $50 4.25 oz. / SPF30 – $50 4.25 oz.


Body/Massage Lotion: This selection of powerful plant and marine extracts helps to protect, hydrate,and soothe the skin. This ultra -light formula protects youthful skin. A remedy for dry, itchy skin, loss of elasticity, and uneven skin tone makes it a must for all ages. Fragrance free. $43 • 5.1 oz.

Firming Gel: A remedy for scars, stretch marks,loss of elasticity, and dehydrated and sagging skin, this anti-aging antioxidant hydrates and renews the vitality of the skin and the body. Fragrance free. $43 • 5.1 oz.

Contouring Gel: This exclusive shaping formula helps downgrade aging. A remedy for combating cellulite and sluggish lymphatic circulation makes it a must have to eliminate the spongy appearance of skin. Fragrance free. $43 • 5.1 oz.

Soothing Gel For Tired Legs And Feet: This exclusive essential oil formula contains a rich concentration of plant extracts to soothe swollen ankles, aging knees, and tired heavy legs. Stimulates circulation and helps reduce swelling. Perfect for use during pedicures and foot massage. $48

Self Tanning Lotion: Unscented lotion that develops a natural-looking warm bronze tan in under 2 hours without exposure to the sun—will not streak. Super moisturizing and antioxidant with jojoba, castor extracts,hyaluronic acid,Integral DNA and marine collagen. $48 • 3.4 oz.


For adult and teenage problem skin

AM-PM Cleansing Gel: This very gentle, non-irritating, non-foaming water-based gel removes make-up and clears the pores of dead cells and impurities without drying the skin. $33 8.5 oz.

AM-PM Purifying Toner: This very soothing astringent and non-drying toner reduces redness, tightens pores and calms down the skin. $33 8.5 oz.

AM-PM Moisturizing Gel: This water-based gel, lighter than a moisturizing cream is specifically formulated for shiny, oily, and combination skin. $37 8.5 oz.

Purifying Peeling: This very gentle peel helps reduce redness and irritation. The combination of exceptional anti-inflammatory, soothing and calming properties reveals bright, smooth and healthy new skin. $34 4.25 oz.

Purifying Mask: This refreshing and calming mask, tightens the pores and clarifies your complexion without dehydrating your skin. $34 • 8.5 oz.

AM-PM Purifying Gel: This light gel calms down redness and soothes very sensitive and irritated skin. $46 4.25 oz.

SP Gel: This highly concentrated gel, specifically designed to eliminate breakouts, calms down inflammation and irritation without stinging or burning the skin. $24 • 0.25 oz.



With AHA’s and vitamins for skin rejuvenation

Facial Cleanser with AHA’s and Vitamins: Cleansing or eliminating make-up is essential. The synergy between its cleansing of impurities and toxins and its hydrating and regenerating powers, make the Facial Cleanser an integral part of your rejuvenating treatment. $32 • 3.4 oz.

Toner with AHA’s and Vitamins: Toner encourages renewed cellular activity while complementing and completing the actions of the Facial Cleanser. $35 • 4.5 oz.

Glyco 5 Gel with AHA’s and Vitamins: Glyco 5 encourages cellular oxygenation, compensates for the lack of nutrients, and increases the essential protection from free radicals. Your skin rediscovers its natural glow, clarity and energy. $42 1 oz.

Glyco 10 Gel with AHA’s and Vitamins: This natural treatment stimulates cellular functions, delivers nutrients and oxygenation while it fortifies the skin’s own natural abilities to protect itself. $50 1 oz.

Eye & Lip Emulsion with AHA’s and Vitamins: These ingredients heal, nourish, soothe, and hydrate the delicate skin around the eyes and lips. $56 0.5 oz.

Vita C Serum with pure natural Vitamin C: Stimulates cellular renewal while hydrating, oxygenating and protecting your skin from free radicals. $41 0.25 oz.

Body Emulsion with AHA’s and Vitamins: Acts upon cellular renewal and exercises protection and repair. Stimulated and renewed, your skin is more supple, firm and silky.$37 • 3.4 oz.

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