Natural & Spiritual

Reflexology (Monica’s specialty): An ancient Egyptian treatment that begins with a soothing sage and peppermint foot soak. This is followed by a glorious foot massage, with crystals, that targets the reflex points in the feet to release blocked energy from corresponding areas of the body. 60 minutes

Reiki (Monica’s passion): A simple, natural healing modality that incorporates the “laying on of hands” to transmit energy. This ancient tratment supports the body’s natural ability to heal itself. Reiki revitalizes both body and soul, relieves stress, loosens blocked energy, and promotes a state of total relaxation. 60 minutes

Six Week Vibrational Healing Program: A guided meditation program using Vibrational Healing Elixirs that create and amplify emotional, spiritual, and physical well-being when combined with meditation, silence, chanting, conscious movement, prayer, purification (raw liquid fasting), emotional healing inner-work, and other natural practices. 60 minutes per session

Bach Flower Remedies: This treatment incorporates the Bach Flower remedies, discovered by Dr. Edward Bach in 1930. This treatment provides an alternative, individually designed and all-natural supplement that uses the extraction of the natural energy of wild flowers to address states of mind. Individualized essences are taken orally to help restore personal balance. This treatment is safe for all ages. 2 oz.

Ear Candling: A natural technique that began centuries ago and may have originated in ancient Egypt. Ear Candling is a simple but effective remedy that uses a hollow candle that resembles a straw. This treatment helps to dry out fluids and relieve any pressure felt in the ear. 30 minutes